Residential Camera Registry

Community Camera Registry

We are building an interactive map of security cameras in Whitehall that will:

  • Be accessible only to the Whitehall Police Department
  • Increase the efficiency of direct video evidence collection
  • Provide immediate contact information to investigators for camera owners
  • Enable communities to work together to create a safer Whitehall

Camera registration takes less than one minute via our secure online portal. Registering your cameras does not allow the Whitehall Police Department access to your live video stream - it only enables investigators to know a camera is present at your location and easily request video evidence should an incident occur.

Illustration of Fusus cameras

Residential Camera Registration FAQs

What can I expect after registering my camera?

If a crime occurs in your area, law enforcement may contact you and ask if you’re willing to share any video footage.

Who is eligible?

Anyone whose residence is located within the City of Whitehall is welcome to register the location of their private camera(s) and aid in criminal investigations.

Is there a cost to register?

No, there is no cost associated with registration.

What information will be requested on the registration form?

The form requests the owner’s first and last name, email address, cell phone number, location address, and the number of internal and/or external cameras.

How will my camera information be used?

The contact information you provide may be accessed by the Whitehall Police Department when investigating a crime near where your camera is located. Law enforcement may contact you to request a copy of any video captured by your camera system.

Can the Whitehall Police Department remotely access my cameras at any time?

No. Registering cameras means the police department will know where your cameras are located in the event of a crime or a critical incident. There is no direct access to any privately-owned cameras and the registry is only used to request footage if an incident were to occur in their vicinity.

Who has access to the camera map?

Only authorized Whitehall Police Department users to have access to the entire camera registry map in their jurisdiction.

Is my camera information subject to disclosure in a public data request?

No. Your camera registry data is classified as protected non-public data and is only accessible by authorized users of our system.

How will I be contacted if law enforcement wants to request my video?

In the event your video would be helpful to law enforcement, you would be contacted via the email provided on the registration form. If you cannot be reached by email, you may receive a call at the number provided.

Will my information be shared publicly?

No. Your data is classified as protected and the information can’t be disclosed in a public data request.