Business Camera Integration

Camera Integration

Integrating your camera system takes community security one step further, helping you get more out of your security camera investment.

Camera sharing allows the Whitehall Police Department access to your camera feed in case of an emergency near your location. All your cameras or some of them. You set your preferences. Sharing your feed can improve response time and help keep you safer by providing advanced details of the situation.

To share your cameras, all you need is a small fususCORE device that plugs into your camera system. Once it's set up, it enables camera sharing based on your settings without impacting your network.

Business Camera Registration/Integration FAQs

Can my cameras be accessed without my knowledge?

Yes, In agreeing to integrate your exterior camera feeds with the Whitehall Police Department, you are allowing authorized users from the Whitehall Police Department to view live camera footage via a FūsusCORE device for law enforcement purposes.

Do I still need my existing security monitoring service?

Yes, this is not intended to replace any existing security monitoring service. The Whitehall Police Department cannot monitor your cameras 24/7. Shared camera feeds will be used to solve and prevent crime as deemed necessary by law enforcement personnel.

How does the panic button functionality work?

Whitehall Police Department, through Fūsus, can equip locations, upon request, with either physical or virtual panic buttons in the form of a smartphone app. In the event of an emergency, such as a fire, an active and serious crime, or an active shooter situation, the panic buttons can be used to send an immediate alert to first responders and activate the streaming functionality of connected, authorized cameras. This is only accessible by users with valid login credentials to the Fūsus interface.

Will facial recognition technology be used?

No, Fūsus does not employ facial recognition technology or integrate with any facial recognition technology systems.

Does Fūsus utilize artificial intelligence?

Yes, Fūsus utilizes artificial intelligence to rapidly search video provided to the system by users in order to mitigate criminal activity. All AI use cases exclude facial recognition, but may be utilized to automatically recognize weapons, vehicles of interest, etc.

Is the FūsusCORE secure?

Yes, Fusus data is secured with AES 256-bit encryption at rest, in transit, and in the Cloud. The FūsusCORE establishes a secure connection with TLS 1.3 allowing outbound traffic to AWS GovCloud. Once data reaches the FūsusONE CJIS-compliant cloud storage location, hosted on AWS Gov-Cloud servers, data is redundantly stored in multiple, geographically separated storage locations, or zones, to ensure over 99.9999% reliability and durability of data.

Is FūsusONE Secure?

Yes, FūsusONE, the platform Whitehall Police Department will use to compile all relevant information in one place, adheres to the highest standards of security for access to, transfer, and sharing of Criminal Justice Information according to CJIS standards. All data that is accessible within FūsusONE is encrypted at rest, in transit, and in its cloud-hosted location. Access to databases is restricted by strict networking rules. All Fūsus Employees involved in CJIS-related software development undergo an extensive screening process, including background checks and fingerprinting.